hIGGItrix has been started by hIGGI of the RX-7 Forum.  Through the use of quality, economical labor, hIGGItrix is able to offer quality parts and services without the high price tag normally associated with custom made parts of this caliber.  Services include machining and casting facilities, which include cutting-edge technologies as CAD developement and CNC milling.  All parts are made in the Czech Republic - don't let this foreign country fool you.  CZ has a very developed industrial sector that allows for quick turnaround for our projects and no snobby attitude about accepting low-quantity runs that most of the U.S. shops would never take!  This savings allows us to compete with reasonable pricing that's agreeable with our customers.  FC3S Pro has travelled to CZ to inspect the hIGGItrix operation, and we were impressed enough to be confident to initiate a business relationship with hIGGItrix!

Parts are usually shipped straight from CZ, and arrive in the United States within a week - all other international orders, please inquire!

Please feel free to inquire about custom projects to fit your needs! 

Questions?  Comments?  Send email to:  reted(at)fc3spro.com