I spend a lot of time online on IRC, AIM, and YM.  Feel free to drop a note and say "Hi!"

On IRC, I'm on EFNet on the #rx7 channel.
You can use the web applet here:  http://www.efnet.org/?module=webchat.
Pick a "nickname" and click the "Login" button.
When it kicks you in, just type in /join #rx7 at the bottom command line, and you're there!

Alternately, you can download an IRC client like mIRC here:  http://www.mirc.com/.
When you use mIRC, make sure you on EFNet...
Select:  File | Select Server...
Change the first drop down window (IRC Network) to:  EFNet

On AIM, my AIM nick is:  FC3S Pro

On YM, my YM login is:  reted_2000

The website does not currently have a forum function, and I spend a lot of time on the Rotary Car Club Forum answering questions from fellow FC3S owners.
You're welcome to drop questions there!
My login on the Rotary Car Club Forum is:  RETed

Questions?  Comments?  Send email to:  reted@fc3spro.com