Check out the donations registry here:  FC3S Pro Donations Registry

I'm at a dilemma with this as I'm not the type to beg for help, but it seems to work well for the RX-7 Club/Forum so we'll see where this goes...

I'm asking for donations to pay for expenses for the upkeep of this website.  Monies will be used to pay for expenses such as:
  • domain name ownership
  • website hosting (currently it's "free")
  • computer parts and software for website authoring

  • Right now, I've been out of work for over 2 years, and it taking it's toll on my finances - what very little of it is available.  People have offered donations in the past, but I've always turned them down due to my ability to handle any financial burden the website had incurred.  Changes to the website is currently being done on an old IBM ThinkPad 770Z with a PII 366MHz CPU and 14G HD; the HD already has a massive sector error that has eaten up 2.0G of space when it can't use. I'm not too sure how long more this HD (or the rest of the hardware) will last.  I know I'm being optimistic, but if donations could general a few hundred dollars, a proper desktop PC is on the wish list.  :)

    Any amount is welcome, and I'll be setting up a member listing for all donations.  I've set-up a special PayPal account to make it easier for those with PayPal accounts.  Send to:, or just click the link below.

    If you would like to send donations without going through PayPal, feel free to email:

    Thank you very much for your time...