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Sky's Zenki FC3S 20B
Engine: Cosmo JC3S 20B-REW
Porting: Stock
ECU: Haltech E6K, tuned by FC3S Pro
  • MSD DIS-4
  • Stock OEM Mazda FC3S twin-tower (leading) coils x3
  • Taylor universal spark plug wire set
  • NGK BUR9EQ x6
  • Turbo: None
    Intercooler: None
  • AFCO Racing "racing" radiator
  • Spal 16" high-flow electric fan
  • Dual stock FC3S oil coolers in parallel
  • Exhaust:
  • Custom 3 rotor header
  • 3" exhaust pipe
  • Walker Dynomax UltraFLO Magnum 3" in / out (pre-silencer) muffler
  • Borla Pro XS-series 3" in / out rear muffler
  • Wheels:
    Front: U.S. Wheel "steelies"
  • 16" x 8"
  • -6mm offset
  • Rear: (constantly changing)
    Front: Yokohama Advan A032R
    Rear: (constantly changing)
  • Koni race (yellow) dampers
  • Ground Control coilover kit
  • Eibach ERS springs
  • Ground Control front camber / caster plates
  • Racing Beat rear DTSS toe eliminator bushings
  • Custom front stabilizer bar, 1-1/8"
  • Mazdatrix stabilizer bar adjustable, spherical bearing end-links
  • Energy Suspension front stabilizer bar (center) bushings

  • This FC3S is an experiment in running.  The big install was the 20B 3-rotor engine into the FC3S chassis.  The car has been running since late 2003.  The owner is building this car primarily for drift competitions, and we're constantly changing suspension set-up's.  Currently, the car is running the 20B without turbos, and it puts down decent power for an NA.  The car will eventually be converted to turbo power!

    Hawaii Raceway Park (HRP) sweeper - 1.45M

    Questions?  Comments?  Send mail to:  reted@fc3spro.com