Q:  My ECU has an N3xx number on it - what kind of ECU is it?

All part numbers are for U.S.-spec ECU's unless otherwise noted.

Non-turbo ECU's
Year/Model Part number
'84 - '85 GSL-SE N304
'86 - '87 All N326
'88 All, except convertible N327
'88 Convertible N338
'89 California N350
'89 Federal (non-California) N351
'89 California, Convertible N352
'89 Federal (non-California), Convertible N353

Turbo ECU's
Year/Model Part number
'87 Turbo N332
'88 Turbo N333
'88 Turbo, Japan/Euro N344
'89 Turbo N370
'89 Turbo, Japan/Euro N380

Note:  The N338 '88 Convertible ECU can be used in place for an '87 or '88 Turbo ECU.  This bit of information furnished by Donnie Peters of the now-defunct Sun Auto.

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