Paul Ko of K2RD destroys the FC3S non-turbo race car.  Engine let go approximately at 8,000RPM.  None of the parts are salvageable..

Rotor housing cracked
Significant cracks at exhaust port.
There is another noticeable crack above the exhaust port.
Rotor gear teeth damaged.

Eccentric shaft rear
Flywheel key sheared!

Lower intake manifold cracked
Due to rotor housing failure, the lower intake manifold also cracked.
Rotor housing cracked
Dowel pin nearest oil filter exposed.
Rotor housing cracked
Damage is obvious.
Rotor housing inner surface scarred
Due to contact of rotor with rotor housing, the "points" of the rotor housing sides are damaged.

Rotors damaged
Rotor apex seal tips contacted on rotor housing, folding the tips over.
Rotor gears are also chipped and damaged.
Rear side housing sheared stationary gear
Rear stationary gear sheared all 6 bolts.
Dowel position pin missing.
Stationary gear damaged
Extreme damage to stationary gear - chipped gear teeth.
Tension bolts damaged
Some tension bolts sheared.

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