Stock exhaust manifold removed and underside exposed
Red arrow points to casting bung in middle of the manifold.

Yellow arrow points to twin-scroll actuator arm.  After twin-scroll actuator arm removal, a "NPT tap is used to thread the hole and a "NPT plug is inserted.  Please use either a brass (recommended) or steel plug, as aluminum plugs will melt!
GReddy EGT probe fitting and twin-scroll plug installed
Red arrow points to GReddy EGT probe fitting installed.  GReddy EGT probe fittings are 1/8"NPT stainless steel - use appropriate sized drill bit for drilling.

Yellow arrow points to brass "NPT plug installed.  "NPT plug is used to plug hole after twin-scroll actuator arm removed.  "NPT plugs can be found at any large, hardware chain store like Home Depot, Lowes, Eagle Hardware and Garden, etc.
Modified exhaust manifold installed on engine, front view
GReddy EGT probe wire snaked through passenger side engine mount.

Red arrow - GReddy EGT probe.
Yellow arrow - "NPT plug.
Another shot of the installed exhaust manifold from rear
Red arrow - GReddy EGT probe.
Yellow arrow - "NPT plug.

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