A steering wheel spacer can help with driver position and comfort; this will especially help taller drivers, as it moves the aftermarket steering wheel away from the dashboard, allowing the driver to move or recline backwards.  Unfortunately, the easily available extenders are all made for aftermarket steering wheels and their hubs.  MOMO, Sparco, Nardi/Personal all use a variant of the 6-bolt hub; these extenders are made to match this 6-bolt pattern.

Just a short list of steering wheels spacers dojng a web search...

MOMO / Sparco / Nardi / Personal Steering Wheel Spacers
Pics: Description Price:
Rosenthal Mazda
For MOMO, Nardi, Sparco steering wheels
LTB Motorsport
Adapts to MOMO hubs and steering wheels
1.5" or 32mm
For MOMO and Sparco steering wheels
Sparco USA
For Sparco steering wheels
Black, blue, red, silver, polished

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