There is a myth about big brakes kits being "better" for braking performance for your FC3S.  The truth is that the stock brakes are perfectly fine for the FC3S, especially on the street.  The stock brakes can lock up stock sized (205 wide) tires are will.  The stock brakes can easily lock-up wider street tires no problem.  If you are using racing slicks, then bigger brakes might help, but racing slicks are usually restricted to purpose built racers.  Thus, bigger brakes just allows for more heat capacity over your stock brakes.  For better street performance or occasional track use, upgrade brake pads are more economical and easier to install.  A "big brake kit" is usually just larger brakes (rotors and brake calipers) replacement for the front stock brakes unless otherswise noted.  We will restrict our text to just the front brakes, as the majority of the kits are just for the fronts.

If you do insist on big brake kits, be prepared to drop some serious cash.  Almost all of the kits are easily over $1,000USD.  Those big brake kits using name-brand brake calipers like Brembo or AP / Lockheed can push costs to several thousands of dollars!  Some of the bigger diameters will require going with aftermarket rims and almost always larger diameter rims.

Stock front brake rotor diameter is 10.9" / 277mm.
Rotors under 12.0" / 305mm should be able to fit under the stock 16" rims.
Rotors over 12.0" / 305mm (12.6" / 320mm is a popular size) will not fit under the stock 16" rim and might require aftermarket 16" rims with big brake special offsets or stepping up to 17" rims.
Rotors over 13.0" / 330mm will almost always require moving up to a 17" rim.

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