There are many cooling system additives out on the market.  The only additive that we know to work consistently is Redline Water Wetter™. Redline recommends a 90% water to a 10% coolant mix ratio when using their cooling system additive - please read all instructions carefully when using this product to insure proper usage.  Mazda Competition recommends a 90% water/10% glycol mix.

Redline Water Wetter offers superior heat transfer properties.  Coolant is used as a lubricant for the water pump and to prevent the coolant mix (with water) from freezing in very cold climates.  This is why the water to coolant ratio is different versus normal coolant/water usage without Redline Water Wetter.

When using this additive, some have experienced seeing "muddy" deposits or sludge floating in the coolant.  Redline Water Wetter™ is a detergent derivative, so this is a normal byproduct of using this additive.

We just got a recent tip that using a 70% water and 30% coolant mix with Redline Water Wetter optimizes temperatures on the track.

Be sure to check with racing regulations on using coolant in your cooling system during events - a lot of racing sanctions ban the use of any type of coolant during racing due to coolant's ability to resist evaporation when spilled.

Another recent product that is out on the market is Royal Purple's Purple Ice.  Please read all instructions for proper usage.

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