The stock FC3S radiator uses a tube/fin aluminum core with plastic endtanks on the top and bottom.  The aluminum radiator core is 1" thick.  The stock radiator sports a single-pass, vertical design with " tubes.  We recommend upgrade radiators for all FC's; the stock radiator is barely adequate for extreme use, and mildly modified FC's generate more heat due to increased power output.

Stock (1987 Turbo II) radiator core dimensions:  22" x 17" x 1"
Stock (1987 Turbo II) radiator dimesions, including mount flange and endtanks:  25" x 21" x 1"

Mazda Competition recommend using a radiator cap no higher than 17psi - 18psi pressure rating.

It is not uncommon to find the stock radiator leaking at the crimps seams.  The top plastic endtank is prone to damage just by leaning on it!  Be very careful when working in and around radiator!  The bottom, plastic endtank is normally protected by the plastic floorpan.  Do not remove the bottom floorpan or risk damaging the bottom endtank due to debris kicked up from the road while driving.  Try and keep the floorpan under the engine.

Mazdacomp an upgrade radiator, priced at around $600.  Both Racing Beat and Mazdatrix sell this radiator.  Fluidyne also offers an upgrade radiator for the FC3S for about $450; this core is 2" thick.

Racing Beat
Absolute Radiator - for good-priced aftermarket radiators

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