The Field SFC series is very similar to the A'PEXi Super AFC (Gen I).  The units basically do the same thing:  intercept and adjust the airflow meter signal to change fuel delivery.  SFC stands for "Simple Fuel Computer".  I know of three Field SFC units:  SFC-Hyper, SFC-VTEC, and the latest SFC-HyperR.  Regardless of model type, they all operate the same way, and the DIP switch settings are the same for difference model vehicles.  Adjustments for all SFC models are -30% to +30%.  All models are -DIN size units.  All AFC units have a rear ON/OFF switch to bypass the SFC if required (something that is not possible with the A'PEXi Super AFC Gen I units).

The SFC-Hyper was the first SFC unit offered by Field in Japan.  Make note that these units are designed for Japan-use only and not officially supported in the U.S.  It strictly designed for fuel adjustment functions.  There were seven RPM points - starting at 1,000RPM and incrementing every 1,000RPM up to 7,000RPM.

The SFC-VTEC was designed for the Honda VTEC (and Japan-only Mitsubishi MIVEC) crowd with the addition of an adjustable RPM output to control their timing systems.  Field added one extra RPM band, so it was similar to the original SFC-Hyper but went up to 8,000RPM.  Internal circuitry is similar to the SFC-Hyper with the exception of the VTEC signal output.  Added to it's basic fuel adjustment function was a programmable RPM warning beep and a speed meter fucntion.  Although obviously made for Honda's/Mitsubishi's, this unit can be used on any vehicle that was supported by the SFC-Hyper.  I used to run this SFC-VTEC on my FC3S just because of the extra RPM band with the same DIP switch settings.
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The latest release from Field is the SFC-HyperR model.  This model packs a bunch of interesting features, and like the SFC-VTEC, runs all the way up to 8,000RPM.  You can save three separate settings versus only a single setting on the older units.  An O2 sensor input triggered RICH or LEAN indicator lamps.  There is also a multi-function speed/timer function that required you to tap into a vehicle speed sensor.  Speed functions include real-time speed display (in KPH) and top speed record.  Timer functions include 0-100m, 0-200m, 0-400m (short of a -mile), and 0-100KPH (0-62MPH) timers.  RPM fuctions include real-time RPM display and peak RPM record.  I currently run an SFC-HyperR in my FC3S.
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