An aftermarket boost gauge should be one of the first gauges you should get for your FC3S.  The stock boost gauge in the instrument cluster is not a very accurate display of actual boost/vacuum the engine is seeing.  An aftermarket boost gauge gives you a more accurate picture of what boost/vacuum you're running.

There are two types of boost gauges.  The mechanical boost gauge requires you to run a hose or tube from the engine to the boost gauge itself.  The electronic boost gauge has a dedicated pressure sensor that is mounted in the engine bay; the pressure sensor is connected to the engine via a short length of hose, while signal and power is passed through a wire harness back to the boost gauge inside the vehicle.  Electronic boost gauges are more expensive than purely mechanical boost guages.

The easiest place to "T" into a vacuum/boost line from the engine is into the same hose that connects to your stock boost sensor off of the ACV cluster.  This hose has a small restrictor pill in it, so try and "T" into the hose farther away from the engine closer to the boost sensor.

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