The water temperature gauge falls into the everything-else group of gauges - please check out gauges primer for more info.  Stock thermostats pop open at around 180F to 195F, so the "normal" temps indicated below reflect that.
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Water/Coolant Temperature recommendations:
Recommendations by: Normal Range Beware! Danger!!!
FC3S Pro
(sensor located under thermostat)
180F to 210F
82.22C to 98.89C
Over 250F
Over 121.11C
Mazda Competition
(all temps taken at water pump outlet)
160F to 175F
71.11C to 79.44C
(before break-in)

160F to 195F
71.11C to 90.56C
(after break-in)
N/A Over 205F
Over 96.11C
All temperature conversions courtesy of:  Process Associates of America

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