For race applications, it is advantageous to replace the stock eccentric shaft oil check ball and spring assembly.  You can use a 2.00mm Weber carberator jet (Weber part #77401-200 or Racing Beat part # 16619-200) to replace the check ball and spring assembly.  For high horsepower applications, you can up the size to a 2.20mm Weber jet, which is Weber part #77401-220 or Racing Beat part # 16619-220.

The oil jets on the eccentric shaft are Loctite'd from the factory, so it might not be easily removed; most of the time, it does come out pretty easily with a large, flathead screwdriver.  Be very careful when removing the screw head, as too much force would damage the screw head.  If you do have problems removing the screw head, you can use a torch to heat the screw head to break the Loctite bonding.

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