The stock front and rear stationary gears are alright for mild power upgrades.  Hardened stationary gears are for very high revving motors (over 8,000 RPM) or more safety on a high-power motor productin over 400bhp to the flywheel.

Racing Beat makes a set of hardened gears for any 13B motor, including turbo ones.  The other option is to find some stock FD3S (hardened) stationary gears; either option gives you a stronger stationary gear.

Racing Beat - Type I Stationary Gear set
These are hardened stock pieces.
Front stationary gear - PN 10013
Rear stationary gear (ungrooved) - PN 10014
Rear stationary gear (grooved) - PN 10015
Racing Beat - Type II Stationary Gear set
These are stock FD3S components.
Front stationary gear - PN 10016
Rear stationary gear - PN 10017

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