A dry sump oiling system is the ultimate in oil systems.  The dry sump consists of two main components:  the oil pump and the oil reservior. 

The oil pump is external and driven (typically) by a belt from the main pulley.  The pump is modular, and can be expanded depending on capacity and the number of pick-up's.  Typically, one scavenge section is added per oil pick-up point.  A 13B will typically use one or two pick-up points, so the pump should have two scavenge sections.  Depending on how many pressure oil pump point back to the engine, you can add the number of pump sections.

The reservior needs to sized accordingly to the capacity.  Reserviors are typically made out of (spun) aluminum, and proper fittings welded accordingly.  The reservior can be rather large in size, and fitting it into the cramp engine bay.  A custom resevior can be made to fit odd-sized spaces.

The rest of the system are the custom oil pan/pick-up's and pulley/belts to drive the pump.  Since the extra oil is kept in a separate reservior, the dry sump oil pan can be made very thin.  Most racers take advantage of this and mount the engine lower for better center of gravity.  With this conversion, the stock oil pump can be removed from the front of the section.

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