The stock, rubber oil cooler lines are known to burst due to age.  It is highly recommended to change both of them even if they are not leaking right now.  You don't want to be stranded, or possibly be killing your engine when they do burst on you!  The oil cooler lines give very little warning when they fail, so prevention is the key.

Most replacement oil cooler lines are stainless steel braided lines.  These can use AN fitting or banjo fittings (like the stock OEM oil cooler lines).

If this is a bit pricy, contact a local hydraulic hose shop locally; try checking you local telephone yellow pages under "hydraulic".  Prices to replace the hoses and reuse your existing fittings should be about US$50 each line; to do both lines would be about US$100 for the pair.

Stainless steel oil cooler line can be purchased from the following vendors:
Corksport - with banjo fittings(US$119)
Mazdatrix - with banjo fittings(US$154.70) or Racing Beat AN lines(US$203.50, including adapters and sealing washers)
Racing Beat - AN fittings with metric-to-AN adapters(US$202.00, minus sealing washers)

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