When removing the stock air pump (for racing), it's a good idea to run a double-sheave alternator pulley.  The single belt that is left after removing the air pump and air pump belt is sometimes not enough tension on the waterpump.  What eventually happens is you get a loud, screeching sound that's produced by the single alternator belt slipping against the waterpump.

Racing Beat makes a slighty underdriven, double-sheave alternator pulley that fixes this problem.  Alternator RPM is reduced about 20% from stock.

Removal and installation of the alternator pulley almost necessitates the use of an air impact gun to remove the large nut that holds the pulley onto the alternator shaft.  Reinstallation of aftermarket alternator pulley may or may not be able to use the lock washer that is originally used on the stock OEM alternator pulley - if you cannot fit the lock washer on the aftermarket alternator pulley, leave it off.  Make sure to reuse the air impact gun to torque the large nut back onto the alternator shaft.

Racing Beat - double-sheave alternator pulley - PN 11479

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