A cat-back system replaces all exhaust components after the main catalytic convertor.  This usually includes a pair of mufflers and matching Y-pipe.  There are also cat-back systems that use only a single muffler exiting one side of the rear of the vehicle.

Most popular types of cat-back systems are made by most of the Japan tuner brands.  These include A'PEXi, HKS, and Trust/GReddy.  These include both double exit and single exit versions.  Prices range from about $500 to over $1,000, depeding on design and materials.  One of the more popular cat-back systems in this category is the A'PEXi N1 (single) cat-back exhaust.  This exhaust is a single exit exhaust with very large piping.  Prices are typically under $500, but this is a very loud exhaust!  An optional silencer insert is available, but this suppresses power for the sake of noise.

In the U.S., Racing Beat offers exhaust products that work very well.  On the pricy side, Racing Beat exhaust systems are made by very thick mild steel pipes with very quiet mufflers.  These exhaust systems were designed for longevity and performance without the noise.  Another popular and economical cat-back system is made by Walker Dynomax.  This cat-back system is a little more restrictive than other systems, and it's a good stock OEM replacement for those on a budget.  Priced easily under $500, this is a popular option if you can find them.

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