A fuel surge tank system can give you added fuel capacity without too much modification to your existing stock fuel system.  You can keep your stock fuel pump or upgrade to a large in-tank fuel pump.

The external fuel pump is your upgrade fuel pump.  The external fuel pump can either be mounted inside the surge tank or mounted outside by itself; if you mount your upgrade fuel pump into the surge tank, make sure you adjust surge tank capacity accordingly.

The surge tank can be made from a variety of materials, but an aluminum tube with welded aluminum end caps is popular.  Surge tank fittings are weld-on (aluminum) AN fittings.  All lines should be fuel-approved AN stainless steel braided lines.  Note locations of the lines where they connect to the surge tank; it is very important that the fittings are either on the top or bottom of the surge tank.

If you're using the vehicle for racing, please note race sanction rules on fuel system components mounted inside the vehicle if you're planning to mount and of this inside the hatch area.  Most race sanctions ban fuel components inside the interior or at least require a sealed baffle.

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