Stock FC3S coils are actually pretty strong for stock coils.  If your stock coils are in good condition, they should be able to support very high power levels.

If you are looking for an aftermarket coil option, there are several brands you can choose from.  Crane Cams makes a dual-post coil to replace your leading coils.  Other options are MSD and the Accel DIS Super Coil.  Many of these coils were designed for motorcycle applications, such as the Crane Cams unit - try to check out your local Harley Davidson dealer if no one else can locate a unit for you; Crane Cams has since discontinued their dual-post coil.

As for the trailings, you need a pair of single-tower coils to replace them.   We've had very good results with the MSD "HVC" line of aftermarket coils; these things are pricy though at over US$100 each.

To take full advantage of the aftermarket coils, we recommend getting a CDI box.

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