You can upgrade your stock, fixed anti-sway bar endlinks to an adjustable set.  The 1986-1988 anti-sway bar links is a one-piece cast steel unit with rubber bushings.

(insert pic of stock 1986-1988 link)

The 1989-1991 anti-sway bar link is one piece but use spherical ball joints in the ends to minimize binding.  Due to it's plastic construction, these flex under load, which is undesirable.  Under extreme conditions (like racing on a track), these plastic end links can break due to the extreme loads put on them during cornering.

(insert pic of 1989-1991 link)

Racing Beat makes a set of "Sway Bar End Links" which are fully adjustable.  The links are designed with two threaded ends with polyurethane bushings.  The length is adjusted by loosening the jam nuts and threading each end in or out.  Racing Beat part number "14200" priced at $63.00 per pair (for one anti-sway sway bar - you need two pair to do both front and rear).

Racing Beat - Anti-sway Bar End Links - PN 14200

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