Anti-sway bars were designed to reduce body roll when cornering.  You would think bigger is better to give the least amount of body roll for your car, but there is also a delicate balance that comes into play when choosing anti-sway bars.  Balance between front and rear anti-sway bar stiffness dictates induced oversteer or understeer due to the anti-sway bars.

Stiffen the front anti-sway bar induces more UNDERSTEER.
Stiffen the rear anti-sway bar induces more OVERSTEER.

With that in mind, it's a pretty good idea to stick to one manufacturer when buying anti-sway bars if you're a beginner at this game; lots of R&D went into designed a tuned, matched pair of anti-roll bars that gives you the best handling performance.

Popular brands of anti-roll bars for FC3S applications...

Brand Front/Rear Size Comments
Racing Beat Front 1-1/8"  
Racing Beat Rear 5/8"  
Suspension Techniques Front 1-1/16" adjustable
Suspension Techniques Rear 3/4"  
Eibach Front 28.5 mm adjustable
Eibach Rear 17 mm adjustable

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