The FC3S can use some negative camber on the front wheels for better cornering performance.  The MacPherson strut front suspension system likes some slight negative camber for better traction.  Unfortunately, getting enough negative camber from the stock suspension parts is next to impossible.  You can rotate the stock upper strut mount for 60' of negative camber, but that's only ½° of additional nagative camber.  Track alignments can use up to -2° to -3° of camber up front for efficient traction; stock suspensions can only maybe dial in -1° or maybe -1.5° of camber up front.  Fortunately, aftermarket front camber plates can help.  By allowing relatively easy front camber adjustment with just some hex keys or wrenches and a hammer, you can dial in all the camber you need within a few minutes.  The beauty of this system is that you can run "street" camber for the street for best tire wear, but run more aggressive camber on the track for best traction.

Most of the aftermarket front camber plates replace the front upper strut mount, so check the instructions carefully.  Cusco is one of the more popular brands from Japan.  JIC also offers front camber plates for the FC3S.

Most of the Japan coilover kits offer adjustable front camber plates on their suspension kits.  Brands such as Tein, Cusco, JIC, HKS, A'PEXi have coilover kits with integrated front camber plates built in.  So if you're looking at one of these, getting front camber plates is redundant and unnecessary.

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