There's always an amazing amount of aftermarket replacement springs available to the FC3S.  Most of them are linear rate springs, but there are a few progressive rate springs avaiable.

Progressive rate springs give a softer ride the majority of the time you're driving, but do stiffen up when cornering briskly.  This is the ideal application for those who want good ride comfort and a firm suspension for the occasional spirited driving sprint.  Eibach makes a Pro-Kit application for the FC3S that has a progressive rate.

For those who want the performance of a sports car with little emphasis on ride comfort, linear rate springs are the choice.  Progressive rate springs can sometimes be pretty unsettling for performance driving due to their dual-rate nature, in this case linear rate spring are what you're looking for.  There are literally dozens of choices for linear rate springs, but some of the more popular choices for the FC3S are Suspension Techniques, Racing Beat, and Tokico.

For those looking for something a little more aggressive than your normal, everyday aftermarket drop-in appplication, K2RD makes a coilover kit for the FC3S.  This kit utilizes Eibach ERS 2.5" linear "race" springs on custom, adjustable, billet aluminum collars and perches that let you adjust ride height!  The spring rates can be chosen from an almost infinite combination of choices.

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