Bottom line for good-quality and affordable clutch kits is ACT.

By using their upgraded ("Heavy Duty") pressure plate and an organic, full-faced, sprung clutch disc, you get a very streetable clutch that can handle almost any mildly modded FC3S.  Be sure to follow ALL break-in instructions for the best performance and clutch life.

If all these single-plate clutches still does not control your beast, then you have the option of going with a multi-disc clutch system.  Currently Tilton and OS Giken (of Japan) make two and three disc clutch systems.  By using multiple discs, more torque can be transferred without slipping with a more progressive and smoother engagement.  These multi-disc clutches can easily break into a few THOUSAND (U.S.) dollars!

Replacement clutch fluid would follow the same guidelines as with brake fluid, as brake fluid is used in the clutch hydraulic system.
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For affordable ACT clutch components, check out Cox Import:

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