Upgrade pressure plates with higher clamping forces are available from Racing Beat and ACT.  We still recommend replacing the entire clutch kit/system (also replacing the clutch disc) versus just replacing the pressure plate.

With the higher clamping force comes the high pedal pressure effort.  Your clutch hydraulics need to be in top shape, or else they will start to fail and leak due to the higher pressure.

Centerforce has been touting their "centrifugal weights" that help to increase clamping force without increasing pedal pressure for years.  I do run the Dual-Friction on my '87 Turbo II, and I have had zero problems with it, but I think it's more marketing hype than real-world advantages.  ACT makes some of the best clutches in the industry, and they don't bother with any extra weights - that says something.

Racing Beat

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