A dirty air flow meter can lead to hesitation problems.  The air flow meter can be easily cleaned by removing the unit and shooting brake cleaner on the internal passages.  Carb cleaner can be substituted, but it leaves some residue - brake cleaner leaves very little residue.

The position of the air flow meter position also can cause hesitations; this only applies to the 1986-1988 FC's that use the flapper-door type of air flow meter - this does not affect the later 1989-1991 FC's which use a sliding-cone air flow meter.  If you twist the air flow meter so the flapper door swings up/down, then gravity can help or hurt the action of the flapper door itself - this leads to hesitation problems!

The proper position of the air flow meter is with the black, plastic "cover" facing up.  The upside-down position is the metal, "ribbed" side facing up.  The air flow meter should be positioned in either of the two abovementioned positions to prevent any hesitation problems.

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