With high mileage motors, condition of the fuel injectors are suspect.  Using questionable quality gasoline also leads to problems with dirty or leaking fuel injectors.  Leaking fuel injectors can also lead to flooding problems.  Clogged fuel injectors restricts fuel flow that can lead to dangerously lean air/fuel ratios!  Use name-brand gasolines at the highest rated octane (92 or 93); high-octane gasolines contain more detergents and cleaners that prevent fuel injector deposit build-up.

Gasoline additives and fuel injection cleans can usually solve a minor problem.  We recommend Redline SI-1 or SI-2 fuel injector cleaner.

For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend sending your fuel injectors out for professional cleaning.  Try checking with your local auto parts stores for fuel injector cleaning services.  If you cannot find someone locally, try:

Diesel Injection Service of Martin County
2988 SE Monroe Street
Stuart FL, 34997
1-800-234-0956 (ask for John Snyder)

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