Brake fluid should be regularly changed every year at a minimum.  You can tell the brake fluid is getting "bad" by the color (it gets darker) or if the fluid feels slimey (from absorbing water).  Brake fluid (glycol-based), by nature, is hygroscopic - it absorbs water readily from the atmosphere.  High humidity climates would make this absorption even worse.  Water in the brake fluid/system degardes braking performance by decreasing boiling point.  In extreme cases, water-logged brake fluid can cause corrision of the brake components from the inside out!

Stick with DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluids.  Do NOT use DOT 5, silicone-based fluid.  This DOT 5 silicone-based brake fluid is not designed for vehicles used for everyday driving.

Recently, there has been a new DOT 5.1 (racing) brake fluid avaialble.  Please read all instructions for proper use of this type of fluid.

Popular types of brake fluid are made from Castrol (GT/LMA) and Valvoline Synthetic (gold, plastic bottle).

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