• Slipping clutch
  • Engine revs in gear but little or no increase in speed

  • Fix:
  • Replace clutch

  • Labor: 
  • Brake cleaner, spray can - $5
  • Clutch disc - $150
  • Clutch kit (Mazda) - $350
  • Clutch kit (aftermarket) - $400
  • Pilot bearing (Mazda) - $15
  • Throw-out bearing (Mazda) - $40

  • Prices are in U.S. dollars.

    Unfortunately, you'll need to remove the clutch disc to inspect it.  Once the clutch disc is out, check to make sure linings (front and rear) haven't worn down to the rivets.  If they are very close to the rivets, you should get a new unit.  If they have worn down past the rivets, you'll need to replace the disc and pressure plate (if the damage is on the pressure plate side) and/or resurface the flywheel (if damage from the rivets is relatively minor).  Also check for glazing on the clutch disc linings; this is a sure sign of abuse.

    If you can afford it, we highly recommend to get the pressure plate replaced the same time the clutch disc is replaced.  A clutch kit would include both the clutch disc and pressure plate.  If you are short on cash, you can reuse the old pressure plate.  Inspect the unit for (heat) damage; if it looks okay, get some sandpaper (about 200-grit) and lightly scuff the pressure plate mating surface.  Please check out the "Pressure Plate" section for more details.

    We also high recommend you to swap out the pilot and throw-out/release bearings purely as preventive measures against failure.  You really don't want to be redoing this job just to find out a $30US part went bad!  Please check the "Pilot Bearing" and "Throw-out Bearing" sections for more details.

    It is also recommended to get the flywheel resurfaced by a local machine shop.  If you do not have the resources to resurface the flywheel (and there is not obvious damage to the flywheel), go ahead and scuff the flywheel mating surface with some sandpaper (about 200-grit) just like with the pressure plate.  Please check the "Flywheel" section for more details.

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