Like with the other clutch components, the engine needs to be separated from the transmission to inspect the flywheel.  Like the pressure plate, we're concentrating on the mating surface for damage.

Gouging due to an overworn clutch disc is common.  Run your fingers over the flywheel mating surface for imperfections.  Slight high and low spots are okay.  Really obvious high and low spots require resurfacing to eliminate.

Blued metal is a sign of abuse.  Resurfacing would eliminate the heat-damaged metal if it's surface damage.

Resurfacing of the flywheel should be done through a competent machine shop.  Check local listings, under "transmission" or "automotive".

When reinstalling, clean the mating surface with a good dose of brake cleaner.  Try NOT to touch the clean surface with your fingers; even oils from your skin can cause clutch slipping.

Although rare, the ring gear that engages the starter can break.  In this case, you need to replace the entire flywheel.

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