It is very rare to see an original, stock LSD to be fully functional today.  The stock LSD has been known to wear-out as early as 30,000 to 50,000 miles! 

To check to see if you have an LSD, raise the car and turn one of the rear wheels with the transmission in neutral.  If the opposite rear wheel spins the same direction, you have an LSD.  All US-spec FC3S turbos come with LSD stock.  To check if the LSD is still functioning, hold one rear wheel while spinning the other rear wheels.  There should be substantial resistance to turning while doing this.  If the rear wheels turns while doing this test, the LSD is worn past spec.

Rebuilding a stock LSD is as easy as replacing the internal friction plates within the LSD case itself.  Plates are $30 - $35 each, and there are 8 total.  There are thicker friction plates available (from Mazdatrix) for a more aggressive lock-up ramp on your stock LSD.

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