Even under extreme conditions like racing, the hubs are pretty robust units.  Mileage is a big factor in trying to estimate condition of the hubs.  There is very little that can go bad on the hub with the exception of the bearings.  Every once in a while, you'll run into a spun wheel stud, but this is a pretty rare occurance; a damaged wheel stud is usually due to someone mounting a tire/rim improperly.

If the spun wheel stud is really loose, you might have to replace the entire hub as a fix.  There are no other options, as the aluminum hub cannot be repaired from such damage.  If the spun wheel stud is still on tight, it's possible you could just punch out the old, damaged wheel stud and put in a new one.

If you notice high-pitched squealing localized to any one corner of the car, it's usually the bearings going bad.  The noise should change with vehicle speed.

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