• Clicking noises from the rear
  • Clicking noises increase with speed

  • Fix:
  • Repack CV joint and replace rubber boot
  • Replace entire rear axle halfshaft

  • Labor: 
  • Brake cleaner, spray can - $5
  • Automotive grease, can - $10
  • Replacement CV boot (Mazda) - $20
  • Replacement rear axle shaft - $300

  • Prices are in U.S. dollars.

    The CV joints, including the CV boots, are pretty maintenance free.  They are not as notorious as front-wheel drive CV joints - front-wheel drive cars put steering, as well as driving loads, through their CV joints which causes higher wear and tear.

    Check the rubber CV boots for tears or any signs of grease leaking.  If you find sings of damage or leaks, replace immediately.  If dirt and grime gets into the CV joint, it will damage the bearins.  If the boot is just damaged or leaking and the internals are all good, you can replace the rubber boot and repack the CV joint with the grease.

    The obvious sign of a failing CV joint is clicking noises from the rear of the vehicle that get faster as you speed up.  Usually, this means you need to replace the entire CV joint or half shaft.

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