The AC Logicon has been known to cause problems due to cracked cold solder joints.  If you're having problems with vents switching positions, fan levels, and/or cold-heat related issues, it's most likely the AC Logicon with cracked cold solder joints.  if you're adept at soldering, you can remove the AC Logicon and resolder those joints yourself.

To remove the AC Logicon, you'll need to remove the center console stereo surround bezel.  The center vents must be removed with careful prying.  After the vents have popped off, you'll see a pair of screws that attach to a metal flange.  Once the this is loosened, the lower shifter surround can be popped off with the help of a flat-head screwdriver prying under the corners.  This should release the lower portion of the stereo surround bezel, and the whole thing should pop out.  Once the stereo surround bezel is removed, this should expose the screws that hold the AC Logicon in place.  Four Phillips head screws hold the AC Logicon in place - two on each side.  There are three groups of wiring harnesses snaking into the AC Logicon in back.  Two of them can be unplugged, but the third is hardwired into the AC Logicon.  You have two options at this point:  1) you can unplug this wiring harness from the top center of the dash, or 2) you can disassemble the AC Logicon slightly and disconnect it internally.  Accessing the plug in the dash is a real pain; it required removing the metal panel at the base of the windshield, and that will almost guarantee broken plastic.  I've heard you can crawl under the dash and access the plug from below, but I have never had any luck trying this method.  Most people will opt to disconnect the wiring harness internally.

If the problem with the controls can be narrowed down to just the cold-hot temp slider, there's a possibility that the air mix motor is the culprit and not the AC Logicon.
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