The stock power antenna in the rear of the vehicle typically fails, and the stainless steel mast does not raise or lower properly.  This is a typical problem, as the plastic gear linkage inside the power antenna case breaks into lots of little pieces.  A replacement antenna mast and linkage are available from any Mazda dealer for under $50.

To access the power antenna case, you'll need to remove the special fastener that secures the antenna to the outside of the vehicle body and peel back the hatch carpet panels that cover that area.  A snap-ring removal tool with a very small tip can be used to remove the special fastener on the outside of the vehicle.  Once the carpet panel is accessed, the power antenna body itself is removed via several fasteners.

Once the power antenna body is loose, remove the single fastener that holds the black, round plastic cover.  Once the cover is removed, you'll see that the white plastic linkage in pieces - remove all pieces.  Remove the old mast (stainless steel antenna sections) out the top.  Replace the black plastic round cover to prevent the new mast linkage from popping out.  You'll need to turn the radio on and off to work the internal gears to accept the new mast from the top.  Fish the end of the new antenna mast and linkage down the hole.  Face the toothed linkage face toward the power antenna body.  Turn the radio on and then off - if you have the linkage rotated properly, the mast should start to go down into the power antenna body.  Replace power antenna unit and replace all fasteners and panels.

Mazdatrix has an excellent write-up here: Mazdatrix - Antenna Mast Replacement

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