The warning cluster is known for bad cold solder joint problems.  Typically, having a non-functioning (digital) clock is a sign that the unit needs to be resoldered.  Also, verify that all the lights are working by doing an initial "key on" - this should light ALL lamps within the warning cluster.

To remove the warning cluster, pry the bezel off by prying the front corners.  There are two clips that hold down the bezel to he dash.  After removing the bezel, you should be able to access the two Phillips screws on each side of the warning cluster.  Removing the two screws should loosen the warning cluster itself.  You'll need to unplug the main wiring harness from the rear to remove the warning cluster totally.  Once removed, remove the three screws from the rear.  You'll need to remove the small flathead screw that secures the adjustment knob in place, as you'll need to remove the circuit board from the main housing.  Once the circuit board is removed, concentrate on resoldering the main cold solder joints that connect into the main wiring plug.  This will fix the intermittent problems 99% of the time.

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