The in-tank fuel filter can be accessed by the following procedure; you'll need to access the fuel pump assembly, as the in-tank fuel filter is attached to the bottom of the fuel pump itself.

  1. Open hatch and remove carpet covering the hatch floor.
  2. Remove the rubber and felt sound deadener.
  3. You should see a metal plate with a wire snaking into it from the driver's side.
  4. Remove the fasteners from the plate with the wire in it and remove plate carefully.
  5. Under the plate, you should see the top of the fuel tank assembly.
  6. Carefully note the two rubber fuel hoses - label if necessary.
  7. Remove the two hoses from the fittings.  The hoses will be on very tight!
  8. Remove the number of Phillips head screws from the cover.
  9. After all the screws have been removed, carefully remove the cover.
  10. Be careful when removing the cover, as the fuel pump assembly and bracket are underneath.
  11. Carefully lift the cover and assembly off of the gas tank.
  12. Cover the hole after you're removed assembly - the prevents anything from falling in accidently.
  13. Fuel pump wires can be accessed and removed as necessary.
  14. Remove and replace in-tank fuel filter at the bottom of the fuel pump.
  15. Reverse procedure to reinstall.

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