Problems with the throttle body can cause problems with your idle.  Crud and deposits can prevent proper closing of the throttle body plates.  If the throttle plate don't seat well, this can cause a high or inconsistent idle.  Remove and thoroughly clean the throttle body with a can of spray carb cleaner to remove dirt and grime.

Improper adjustment of the throttle stop will also cause idle problems.  Always adjust the BAC valve before adjusting the throttle stop screw.

Improper or malfunctioning dashpot can cause the engine to die under deceleration.  The dashpot doesn't usually need adjustment unless previously tampered with; the dashtop is designed to dampen the closing of the throttle plates when you suddenly lift off the throttle.  The dashpot's white, plastic tip should contact it's throttle stop only while resting at idle.  If the dashpot is adjusted too deeply, this can cause a high idle.  If the dashpot is bad, it needs to be replaced.

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