An oil leak caused by worn o-rings on the oil filter pedestal can easily be mistaken for oil that was accidently spilled from an oil filter replacement job.

This is a very important leak to check for, since continued leaking of oil from this problem area can cause catastrophic consequences later down the road!  The leaking oil drips onto a coolant heater hose located directly below the oil filter pedestal.  Oil soaking into a rubber heater hose will cause the rubber hose to burst.  If this hose bursts while driving, you will lose a significant amount of coolant, which leads to overheating of the engine.  If you do not immediately shut the engine off, you can destroy the engine in very short time - rotary engines do not tolerate overhating!

  1. The oil filter pedestal is secured by two 10mm nuts underneath the pedestal itself.
    The front 10mm nut is pretty easy to access, but the rear 10mm nut is a pain!
  2. Once you remove the oil filter pedestal, you'll see the two rubber o-rings in the grooves.
    Replace with new rubber o-rings.
  3. When you reinstall the o-rings, coat them with some motor oil.

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