Huge amounts of white smoke under boost out the exhaust
Overboosting on the stock Hitachi turbo can damage the compressor carbon seal.  We have had very bad experiences with running over 15psi of boost on the stock turbo (compressor carbon seal).

Possible fixes:
First of all, make sure the "PCV" (positive crankcase valve) system is working.  The FC3S does not have a PCV system per se, but it does use a "purge valve" to recirculate vapors from the oil pan back into the engine to be burned.  Those of you who have "modified" or removed the emissions systems and vacuum hoses might have inadvertantly modified this purge valve system incorrectly.  Make sure both of the two fittings on the oil filler pipe (one is at the base of the oil filler pipe on top of the engine, and the other is at the top close to the oil filler cap) are not blocked.  If the oil pan section is not vented, it will pressurize while the engine is running and cause oil it bypass the turbine piston compression ring seal; extended periods of doing this can damage the turbo turbine piston ring compression ring.  Ideally, one of the fittings (top one is recommended) should see vacuum at all times.  You can vent at least one of the to atmosphere, but the fitting does emit some nasty sludge; a catch can is highly recommended.

Oil bypassing the turbo compressor will allow significant amounts of oil to enter the compressor housing, intercooler, and pipes.  Inspecting the intercooler and pipes for pools of oil will confirm this is the case.  Checking the spark plug tips will show excessive black, crusty deposits.  In some instances, the turbo turbine "piston compression ring" will fail, and oil will enter the exhaust through the turbine section.  Check the turbo turbine section, as the leaking oil will usually seep between the flanges and bungs (i.e. O2 sensor).  A turbo that has a bad turbine piston compression ring will not foul spark plugs, as oil leaks into the exhaust after it has passed through the engine.  If the turbo is confirmed to be the culprit, a turbo rebuild is necessary.  Luckily, any turbo shop that services Garrett turbochargers can do this for you, as the stock Hitachi turbos are based on the Garrett T3 / T04 turbos; a Garrett T3 / T04 rebuilt kit will work on the stock Hitachi turbo.  If you are running an aftermarket turbo, please see a dealer that can service your particular aftermarket turbo brand.

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