Minor rim damage can be fixed by a specialty shop in your local area.  There are numerous shops around the country that are willing to repair your wheels - do a web search on "rim/wheel repair".

If damage is substantial, it might be worth it to replace your wheels with some aftermarket ones.  Good, cheap wheels are abundant, and upgraded styling is a plus.  If you like your stock wheel look, used wheels are easily found and in good supply.  Shipping might be significant due to the sheer weight to ship these things across country.

Excessive brake dust can usually be cleaned by wheel cleaners easily available from your local stores.  A coating of automotive wax on your wheels can ease cleaning (of brake dust) the next time around.

Unsightly marks that cannot be easily cleaned can be covered up with paint.  Prepping the wheel for paint isn't that bad, and if you have a weekend to spare, you can probably take care of all 4 wheels; take care to mask all parts of the car if you're going to do this with the wheels still mounted.  Painted wheels can easily add some style with very little cost (tape and couple cans of spray paint).  Even a new coat of silver paint can make your wheels look brand new!

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