• FC3S J-Spec 13BT
  • Kouki 13BT into Zenki FC3S
  • FD3S 13B-REW
  • Cosmo 13B-RE 2-rotor
  • Cosmo 20B 3-rotor
  • This section covers most of the popular engine swaps for the FC3S.  Please click links to the left!

    FD3S 13B-REW This swap is getting popular with the FC3S crowd as more used JDM engines start to trickle in from Japan.  The FD3S is one of the strongest selling sports cars in Japan, making used engines plentiful.  With upgraded internals and stock twin-turbos, more power is not a problem with this engine!
    Cosmo 13B-RE 2-rotor Although not one of the more popular swaps for the FC3S, it could be gaining more popularity due to the lower cost and ease versus all of the other non-13BT swaps out there.
    Cosmo 20B 3-rotor This is the "big block" engine swap for the FC3S.  Adding another rotor increases torque and power output!  Originally from the Japan-only Mazda Cosmo, this is one of the ultimate rotary engine swaps for the FC3S.

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