This helpful tip on proper side seal clearancing tip was original posted in NoPistons.COM.  Judge Ito shares this great tip for those rebuilding their engines.  Original thread here:

Relation of side seal versus stock intake port
For stock intake ports, there is no reason to worry about this.
The side seal travels far away from the intake port edge.
Relation of side seal to street ported intake port edge
This is the reason we need to worry about this edge.
The sharp edge of the side seal can contact the edge in a bad angle.
This can cause the side seal to break.
Another view of side seal to intake port edge position
Red arrow points to rotation of rotor.
This gives you an idea how the side seal can contact the intake port edge.
Intake port edge close-up
Pen points to port edge we're going to modify.
Modifying intake port edge
With a carbide bit and grinder, the intake port edge is shaped and chamfered.
Modified street ported intake port edge in relation to side seal
This shows how the modified intake port edge to side seal relation is smoother.
The transition is not as abrupt, and the risk of damaging the side seal is minimized.
Another shot of modified intake port edge to side seal position
The side seal is now easily able to transition over the street ported intake port.

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