I have no place to put all my miscellaneous porting pics, so I'll just dump them here...

Experimental street ported 6-port non-turbo FC3S housing
Black lines deliniate approximate water jacket location in the 6-port housing.
There's a LOT of metal that can be removed on these housings!
Stock 6-port non-turbo versus our "CZ" FC3S turbo street porting template
Surpise the stock 6-port intake duration is longer than even our street port template!
FC3S Pro Stage II exhaust port versus stock exhaust port
Side-by-side comparison of porting and non-ported exhaust ports.
"CZ" Street port template in development
Sheet of plexiglass is used for development of our "CZ" street port template.
Stock intake port underneath for comparison.
"CZ" Street port template overlayed on Kouki FC3S turbo center housing
Notice the late opening of the center, primary intake ports.
Kouki FC3S turbo primary intake ports actually open 10° later than Zenki FC3S turbo!
Earlier opening would move port outward away from center - in this case "down".

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