This page details the location of the cruise control speed signal wire in an FC3S turbo.  The wire can be directly used for the A'PEXi products (i.e. S-AFC or AVC-R) for speed signal input.  The cruise control uses a pulsing signal from the transmission to detect the speed of the vehicle.  A'PEXi products can use this signal directly for speed monitoring.  Other aftermarket products may be able to use this same wire.

Cruise control main harness plug location
Looking up onto the driver's side kick panel
The harness plug can be seen poking out from the top of the panel (yellow circle).
(Shots are Zenki FC3S Turbo)
Cruise control main harness plug disconnected
Wire selected and insulation removed
Light green wire with the red stripe
A ½" section of insulation is removed from the wire for splicing.
Close-Up shot of selected wire

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