My first attempt at a website to collect all the FC3S knowledge that I had gained was back in 1999 at  In fact, some of the information is still on there, but most of it was stripped and moved to a new site in late 2000.  I moved to Sacramento, CA to start K2RD with Paul Ko.  Most of the information was transferred over to the K2RD website, but I left at the end of 2001 due to being laid off from my full-time job and "philosophical differences" with K2RD.  I've pulled the majority of technical information from the K2RD website to here.  FC3S Pro was started in January 2002 as a legacy to continue my dream to build the BEST FC3S reference website on the Internet...

Update 09/25/2003...
The original website got hosed due to circumstances out of my control.  I had trusted Yahoo Website Services to handle the hosting, but their policy is to only back-up your website for 30 days from the time you refuse to pay.  Yahoo Website Services can only take credit card payment, and my credit card account had to be closed due to fraud.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not get the payment to them until 5 months later.  I do not have a working back-up copy of my website, so all the data had to be pulled from Google cache.  Gee, thanks Yahoo!  :P

What you see here now is due to some tremondous help from members of the RX-7 Forum and the fc3s_org YahooGroups.  Without these people, there would be no FC3SPro.COM v2.0!

The website is being rebuild from cached pages, so be patient till I fix all the pages.

Special thanx goes out to:
 ·White_Seven (RX-7 Forum)
   For putting together the Zip file which had most of the pages intact...
 ·Bingo Boy (RX-7 Forum)
   For putting in some serious time and effort to strip unnecessary code from the Zip'd files    from White_Seven
 ·SpawnVII (RX-7 Forum)
   For grabbing some of the very important pics that were missing.
 ·hIGGI (IRC / RX-7 Forum)
   For helping me with rehosting this website!

And to anyone else I may have forgotten...

Questions?  Comments?  Send email to:  reted(at)