Please read:
The intention of this website is to share my knowledge and passion for the FC3S.
If you are looking for answers to your questions and find them in here, then good for you!
I am always up to answering questions that can be answered quickly.

Please do not ask about problems that will cost at least several hundred dollars and / or several hours to properly diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix!
These kinds of questions typically include:
  • My car doesn't start...
  • My car doesn't idle...
  • My car doesn't run right...
  • A previous owner messed with the wiring...
  • How do you swap (this motor) into the car...
  • Those types of problems should require expert experience and be done in person.
    Trying to troubleshoot them over email is very time consuming.
    Please support your local mechanics and shops!

    We're getting lots of spam!
    We have an overly active mail filter!
    The mail servers aren't reliable!

    How do we get around it?

    You can always try to send emails here, but it isn't always reliable.
    Our old, FC3SPro.COM email:
  • reted(at)

  • You can always send me a message to my Yahoo Mail account:
  • reted_2000(at)  (my personal account - frequently checked)

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